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Safety Advice

Get as much information as possible from sellers. Check pictures to make sure they are real and not just downloaded from the internet.

Never pay in advance!! But you can discuss payment on phone and pay after you have seen the product and like it. Unistore does not encourage this!!!

Never disclose your financial details to sellers like your bank details, PayPal info or any other information that can be misused.

Tell your friends and family where you are going.

Meet in a public place like a coffee shop, you are advised to go with family or friends.

Trust your instinct.

As a buyer, never fall for “too good to be true schemes”. Always check the price of a product is worth it.

Double check company website and profile, do not go to a remote place for job interviews. Do not submit any upfront fees for job interviews.

Avoid services such as Western Union and Money Gram as they are not meant for transactions between strangers

As a seller, you should fill more contact information about yourself and also verify your account to gain buyers confidence and trust.

As a seller, don’t reply to people who are in a hurry to buy your product. Always take your time to discuss and make agreement.

You can report any user when viewing their profile or simply contact us